A Sequel To The Bible


In the 1000 year reign of Christ, do you think there will be a sequel to the Bible to prepare us for eternity. I can’ t imagine what eternity would be like if time is a creation of God. Jesus said in John’s gospel that there is more to know but we can not bear it now. I know that one reason for the millennial reign is to prove that man is still sinful even without Satan’s influence. Perhaps the real reason for the literal 1000 year reign of Christ is to bring him glory, which is long overdue.


I’ve never thought about a sequel to the Bible to prepare us for eternity because Paul said after we’re raptured we’ll know as we’re known (1 Cor. 13:12). To me that means we’ll understand everything, past present and future.

But I have thought about the need for a sequel to the Bible for the Gentiles who will live during the Kingdom Age on Earth (the Millennium). They will be natural, mortal humans and will need guidance in understanding their relationship with the Lord for their time, just like we have needed guidance in understanding our relationship with Him for ours. The Old Testament did not provide this guidance for us, and the New Testament does not contain any guidance for Millennial believers outside of Israel.

Realizing that there’s no circumstance or condition in which natural man can live a life pleasing to the Lord is one important lesson of the Millennium. But remember that the reason the Old Testament contains much more information about the Millennium than the New testament does is because the Millennium is the long promised Kingdom Age for Israel. From God’s perspective the Millennium will be 1,000 years when it’s all about Israel.