Absolutely, Positively Never Heard Of Jesus


I am witnessing to a young man and he asked a question I cannot answer well enough. He asked about people in the world who absolutely positively have not heard of Jesus and they die will they go to hell?


This is a typical response by an unbeliever who is subconsciously seeking to take the focus off himself and deflect your witnessing effort into a meaningless philosophical discussion.

You can tell him that there is no such person. First of all Romans 1:18-19 says that anyone who looks at the creation should know that there’s a God, so men are without excuse. And repeatedly, in both Old (Jere. 29:13) and New (Matt. 7:7-8) testaments we’re told that everyone who seeks God will find Him.

God has put a longing to know Him in the heart of every man. In some way or another every person who ever has lived or ever will live has had at least one legitimate opportunity to make a decision to be saved. Otherwise God would not be just in condemning anyone.