Was Adam The First Man?


Thank you for your wonderful site. It has helped so often with home bible study groups over the years. We have a sincere and good lady who keeps believing there was a race before Adam. We cannot get her away from this. What are the key arguments to make it clear to her that she is in error here.


The only argument we need is God’s word. He was the only one present at the creation and He made it clear that Adam was the first man He created (Genesis 1:26-27). There’s nothing in the Bible that contradicts that, therefore any other opinion is man made. Your friend’s problem lies in her unwillingness to take Him at His word. If she believed what He said she wouldn’t need any other arguments.

God has asked us to take Him at His word for lots of things. One of these things is the six day creation account. Another is that if we believe He sent His son to die for our sins, He will save us from the penalty due us and grant us eternal life. We won’t know for sure if He was being truthful about that one until after we die, when it will be too late.

How could we believe He will save us if the very first thing He ever told us is not true? Would you take someone’s word for something as important as your salvation if you knew He had lied to you about other things?