Afraid To Eat Meat Follow-Up


A follow-up question to the kosher question I recently posted: regarding the Council of Jerusalem and the four edicts sent to the Gentiles and its applicability today, how what does it mean to avoid eating blood and things strangled and how can we avoid that today?

I understand that in keeping kosher, to avoid blood would require either broiling or soaking in saltwater to remove any residual blood, but are we expected to do that today? Inevitably, there seems to be trace amount of blood in precooked meat. Also, I understand that the prohibition from things strangled may pertain to avoiding eating meat from animals that have been inhumanely slaughtered. How can we be sure in today’s world? If the blood and inhumane slaughter avoidance is to be taken to the nth degree today, how does that apply to buying meat from the market or even eating out?


Since Paul wrote that we could buy meat from the market without fear in 55AD, (1 Cor. 10:25) I assume the same applies today. Taking things to the nth degree is something that got the religious leaders of the Lord’s day in trouble. Being so focused on the letter of the Law they lost all of its spirit, and in doing so lost Him.

In my view, you’re in danger of becoming obsessed with this issue. That means you’re being lured back into the very bondage that the Lord died to free you from. If it’s that big a problem, why don’t you just stop eating meat altogether and stop worrying about it? Lots of people live very healthy and happy vegetarian lives. Perhaps you could as well.