After Effects Of The Rapture


I have a question about the rapture that I have not seen addressed before. Most people that believe the rapture can happen at any time, seem to worry about destruction and people killed due to out of control vehicles and planes etc. when drivers and pilots are taken in the rapture. I feel that if the Lord can translate a large number of people all at once, He surely can prevent vehicles and planes from crashing all at once. I don’t know of any scripture to back this up, but I believe the Lord would do this. I also feel that He may stop time to accomplish the rapture so anything is possible out side of time. What are your thoughts on this?


The Bible is silent on the specific after effects of the Rapture so every thing we’ve heard about it has been the unsupported speculation of mankind.

The Lord could stop time, He could guide every vehicle to a safe stop or landing, He could cause an event that would ground all aircraft and disable all vehicles ( the easiest thing) or He could just let everything crash. No one knows what He will do except the Lord Himself and He hasn’t said.