After We Die


I have been reading a book about the end times. The author of this book is very well known and has written several books on end-times and prophecy. He states in his book that “we will be looking down from heaven and will watch the whole Tribulation play out”. (we will have ring side seats) I have looked everywhere in the bible and can not find this.
I did not think we could look down to earth. Also I have been told by a friend who is a deacon that when someone you love dies, the angels go back and forth and tell the loved one about the funeral and how much they were loved and missed. I have never found this anywhere in scripture. Am I missing something?


Both these people are just giving you their opinion, and there’s no Biblical support for either one. In 1 Cor. 13:12 Paul wrote that while we only have partial knowledge now, when we get to heaven we will know fully, just as we’re fully known. To me this means we will not only know everything that’s happening, but we will also see why it has to happen in a particular way. Our entire perspective will have changed and we’ll no longer look at things the way we do now. We’ll finally understand things the way the Lord does.