Am I Really Saved?


I have been a believer since as far back as I can remember. It is only as of recently that I have come up with questions that I have asked many times to no avail. I feel that I believe in Jesus as my savior and acknowledge that I am a sinner and know that Jesus is the only way to heaven and to a awesome life of happiness when he returns. My problem is I an unsure if this is a head knowledge or a heart knowledge or even both.

I know a great deal about what the Bible says and have been brought up to accept it. I just feel that because I have been brought up in it and never had to learn it at an older age as opposed to a younger age when one believes everything their told, that maybe its just habit or something. I want so bad to know that I am saved but fear that I can’t be until my head and heart can agree. Any thoughts?


From what you say, it doesn’t sound like you have a problem. I assume you’ve prayed about this and are still uncertain. If that’s the case, why not ask again? In Matt. 7:7-8 Jesus promised that everyone who asks will receive, and in Romans 10:11-13 Paul wrote that everyone who calls upon the name of the Lord will be saved. If your church has an altar call go forward for a re-commitment prayer. If not find one that does and go forward there. Having the courage to go forward will be a good indicator that you didn’t need to, and with the re-commitment prayer you’ll finally be certain.