Am I Still Saved?


I was saved as a young person, age 9, and have believed all these years. But as I am getting in my senior years, I look back at my life and question if I need to be saved all over again. My faith has been hot and warm, but never did I not believe. I know at the age of 9 my sins were forgiven but are the sins I have committed since that time forgiven in the same manner as when I first believed? I have asked God to forgive me for committing sins while I am saved.
Also, we belonged to a church in another state. While members there, we pledged to give a certain amount for the construction of another building. Due to some tight money times we could not finish the pledge before we had to move. Since we are now worshiping in another church in another state, does God want us to complete the pledge of the old church?


When Jesus died for you, He took all the sins of your life with Him and nailed them to the cross. (Colossians 2:13-15) Asking Him to forgive you again makes it doubly certain. But if doing so will make you feel more secure, ask your pastor about a re-dedication.

Jesus told us not to make vows because we can’t see the future. He said we shouldn’t commit to anything we can’t be absolutely sure of doing. (Matt. 5:33-37) This is not because it’s a sin to fall short on our vow, but because it gives the devil something to torment us about. If your heart is troubled because you didn’t fulfill your commitment and you’re now able to do so, you could decide to pay the rest.

But whatever you decide, don’t think you’re going to improve your standing with the Lord. You’re already perfect in His sight. If you decide to pay off the balance, do it joyfully and voluntarily, knowing it will give the devil one less thing to hold over your head. That way you’ll get a big victory over him. The last thing you want is to put yourself back into bondage over this.