Am I Working For The Laodicean Church?


Thanks for your site. I’ve just recently become interested in prophecy, and now I can’t get enough.

I have always felt called to work in the church, so when a position opened up a few years ago through kind of unusual circumstances, I believed that God was directing me to it. It is not at all what I expected. This church teaches some of the most bizarre doctrine I’ve ever heard (it is a mainstream Protestant church). I have tried to chalk the nagging feeling that something is really wrong with their theology up to political differences, but with my recent research on Revelation I’m starting to wonder if it fits the description of the apostate church. Yesterday I found a book here by a highly regarded author in this congregation that literally stated that viewing Christ’s death as atonement for our sins is wrong. He actually said, “I don’t want to serve a God that would kill his own son.”

My job here is in communications, so essentially I am responsible for publicizing the church. It terrifies me to think that I am willfully advertising for this kind of thing and drawing people into it. Yet the feeling that I’m called to be in the church remains. Would God actually want to use me in that capacity? I keep praying about this, but so far I have no answer.

By the way, I’m in no position here to voice my opposition to theological doctrine. The powers that be have a pretty tight grip, and they clearly do not think I have anything worthwhile to say on religious matters. I am also not a member; I attend an evangelical church in a neighboring town.

Any insight you have to offer on this situation would be much appreciated. Thank you for faithfully spreading the Truth to the world.


If the book you referenced represents the views of the Church leadership, then it can’t be the place to which God has called you for publicity work. But He may have led you there to voice your objection to this false doctrine. If so He’ll give you words to say and will bring you out of there afterward. And it doesn’t matter if you succeed in changing their direction. What matters is that you’re faithful to your beliefs.

Find out for certain first if your perception of this member’s views are accurate, if the pastor you work for supports them, and if you’re supposed to help publicize them. If so resign. If you can, get some friends from your own congregation to pray with you and for you as you confront this issue.