When Were the Angels Created?


Is there any specific scriptural reference to when angels were created? Can you provide any Biblical interpretation of the era when God created angelic beings in comparison to the creation of man, and when do you think the angelic rebellion took place?


There is no specific time given to tell when the angels were created, nor is there any description of the condition of the Universe when it happened. That’s because the Bible is a book written for the age of man and is about mankind. It basically begins with Adam’s creation and ends when the last age of man, the Millennium, ends.

There are hints that the angels were created sometime before the man. Job 38:7 tells us all the angels shouted for joy when God laid the foundations of Earth. Since Satan, in the guise of the serpent, was already God’s enemy by Genesis 3, I think it’s safe to say that his rebellion also took place before the creation of Adam and Eve.