Animal Sacrifice In The Kingdom


I was reading the last few chapters of Ezekiel and noticed that in the reign with Christ, they will keep temple sacrifice. I thought that Jesus was the final sacrifice? My husband said that some people think it is in remembrance of what Christ did, but that doesn’t make sense to me. Why wouldn’t we do that now? I am confused, can you please help me out?


The return to animal sacrifice in the Kingdom Age is designed to teach children born during the Millennium about the sacrifice Jesus has made for them, just as in the Old Testament it taught people then about the sacrifice Jesus would make. Taken in the total perspective of time you can see that the Church age, where’s there’s been no sacrifice, is the exception. Throughout most of both history and prophecy, animal sacrifice has been the rule.

This is because the Church was commanded to believe by faith alone, and in doing so has been blessed above all others. No other group of humanity ever has or ever will enjoy the favored position of the church in the Lord’s heart and in eternity. (Ephes 2:6-7)