Animal Sacrifices In The Millennium?


Where in the Bible does it say there will be animal sacrifices in the millennium? I have looked and can not find that anywhere. I thought that the anti Christ would allow the Jews to sacrifice in their temple when he allows them to rebuild it until the first 3 1/2 years is up and he proclaims himself as God and then requires them to worship him. I thought during the 1000 year reign Jesus would not require animal sacrifices. Your insight on this would be appreciated.


In His eight chapter prophecy of the Temple in the Millennium (chapters 40-47), Ezekiel mentions animal sacrifice several times. The most notable are Ezekiel 40:38-43 and 43:18-27.

These sacrifices are meant to direct the attention of people born during the Millennium back to the cross, just as in Old Testament days they looked forward to it. The objective for both is the same, to cause people to realize that they’re sinners in need of a savior.