Another Animal Sacrifice Question


In your response to “Why did God Let Satan LIve” (12/13/09) you stated that once Satan is locked away for 1000 years, a daily sacrifice will be needed based on the Ezekiel 46:13 reference. I thought that once Christ died for us, the old testament sacrificial system was finished. Christ’s death, the ultimate and final sacrifice, eliminated any need for a man made sacrificial system. Therefore, won’t the sacrifice that Christ made for us at the cross be sufficient during the millennium as it is in this age or will his death mean nothing for those who have survived the tribulation and live during the millennium? Won’t the blood of Christ allow people to be saved during the millennium?


From what the the Bible says, it appears that when the Church ends and the world goes back to the last 7 years of the Old covenant, the requirement for animal sacrifice will be reinstated. That’s why a Temple will be built in Israel. The Temple is only necessary for the performance of sacrifices. According to Ezekiel 40-48 this will continue through out the Millennium, and here’s why.

Remember, even in the Old Testament animal sacrifice didn’t save anyone. It was necessary as evidence of their belief that God would someday send His son to make the once-for-all-time ultimate sacrifice for sin. During the Church age we need only believe to be saved, but after the Rapture the world will once again be required to offer evidence of their belief. In the Millennium it will be their belief that Jesus already has made the sacrifice that saves them, but the sacrifice will be required as evidence of their belief.