Another Chance, Follow Up


In your article, another chance to be saved, you state: “Those who miss the Rapture will still have a chance to be saved during the time leading up to and including the Great Tribulation. But they won’t be part of the Church, won’t be guaranteed not to fall away, and may well be martyred for their faith. Tell them it’s much better to decide now.”

But Paul said that those who believed not the truth would be caused to believe a lie. How do you explain this?


There will be many whose hearts will have become so hardened to the Gospel that even the signs in the Great Tribulation will fail to persuade them, and they’ll believe the anti-Christ’s lie. But I believe there will also be many “undecideds” for whom the rapture will be a great wake up call and they’ll remember what we were trying to explain to them. Those are the ones to whom I was referring.