Appeasing The Evolutionist


I think you make a good point about the literal days and the forthright manor that the creation story is told. I’ve always felt that the only reason to search for another angle to the 6 day creation, is to appease the evolutionist. When you think about it, for evolution to have been a convincing theory, you have to tack on infathomable number of years to argue that these changes took place very slowly, especially since nothing resembling Darwinist type evolution has been demonstratable in the history of “modern man”. In addition, one has to ask the question, how many deaths occurred during this God driven evolution before man was complete, when did he add a soul, and wasn’t death the result of sin, not the process to become a fully complete human being?


Good point yourself! The whole concept of Darwinian evolution stands in stark contrast to the “laws of nature” of which evolution claims to be a part. When left alone, things get worse, not better. Weeds always overtake the garden. Forget about the trans-specie issue. Hasn’t every attempt to maximize the potential within a specie necessarily involved intervention by an outside force with the ability to see the end from the beginning? Could pure bred show dogs, for example, have ever evolved from the dog population if breeders hadn’t intervened to carefully control the process?