Are Christians Subject To Leviticus?


I was reading the book of Leviticus about all the laws (covenant) that God told to Moses concerning the Israelites. Is this a Jewish thing or should all Christians follow these laws, today. If so, we are in a lot of trouble. I know many people that eat pork and marine life “that have no fins.” Also, I have read a lot about dual-theology! Can you explain? It is like Jews and Christians are different in God’s eyes.


Jews and Christians are different in many respects, especially in the sense that they have different destinies and different requirements. Those Jews who cling to the Old Covenant are bound by its laws and regulations found in the Old Testament. Christians are not subject to these dietary and social regulations, being part of the New covenant. Some believe that Jews and Gentiles have different requirements for salvation. This is called dual covenant theology, and is not Biblical. Only belief in Jesus can provide salvation, whether for Jew or Gentile. (John 14:6)