Are Orbs Angels?


I have a question regarding “orbs.” And also, if you have time, gold dust, jewels, gold teeth, etc…. For the first question, in photographs, you can sometimes see round orbs. Sometimes a photo is saturated and sometimes just one or two. They appear lacy, and bubbly on the interior of the orb, and sometimes colorful. Some in the Church appear to believe these are angelic beings. On the other hand, many in the Occult believe them to be spirit beings of individuals whom have died (obviously this is untrue). What is your take on this? I have found that orbs are believed to be angelic beings by those also believing in gold dust, jewels appearing, and gold teeth during times of “worship.” (Although that would be a generalization, so forgive me for that) What can you teach on the validity of all these matters?


Orbs began showing up in photographs about 12 years ago with the advent of digital cameras and their strobe-like flash capabilities. There is no explanation for these circular transparent shapes that satisfies everyone. Those who don’t believe in the supernatural say they’re caused by dust or moisture particles in the air just in front of the camera. This explanation has been found to be unsatisfactory for various reasons.

As you point out some who do believe in the supernatural but aren’t Christian think they’re the spirits of dead people still hovering around the living. And there are some Christians, primarily of the pentecostal persuasion, who believe they’re angels. Paul made a vague reference to angels who join us in worship in 1 Cor. 11:10.

To me, these explanations are also unsatisfactory. First of all we know from the Bible that spirits of dead people don’t hover around the living, and second if we can photograph angels why can we not also photograph demons? While it’s nice to think of angels in our midst, who decided that only good spirits could show up in photographs? I’ve never heard anyone call them evil although I’ve seen photographs of orbs in some evil places.

In summary, these are the days of deception. If you can’t positively confirm something in the Bible, it’s best to be skeptical. The same goes for gold dust, jewels, angel feathers and other such things.