Are There Prophets Today


Every day is an adventure on your website. You don’t know how many you have helped with spiritual dilemmas. Thank you in advance.

My question is: Are there prophets in today’s Christian Church? Our small country church is coming under attack by an attender that is not a member according to our church constitution, who has apparently appointed himself as a prophet, and is defying our church leadership. He follows who many consider a heretic. He has disrupted board meetings, and may disrupt our services. How would you deal with a person like this?


I believe that every born again believer belongs to the Church. Church membership is a matter of beliefs, not constitutional requirements.

According to Ephes. 4:11, Romans 12:6, 1 Corinth. 12:10 & 28, there are prophets in todays Church, but they’re not the same as those who held the office of Prophet in Old Testament times. Jesus alone holds the office of Prophet in the Church today. (Hebrews 1:1-2)

Those with the gift of prophecy help fill in the blanks in Biblical prophecy, giving insight as to how congregations or even individuals will contribute to their fulfillment. As is made clear in the scriptures I’ve quoted, God is a God of order, not disorder. Prophets are subject to the established order like everyone else.

If this man is a source of disruption and confusion, or if his prophecies conflict with or contradict Scripture, then you should not fear him and can suggest that he worship elsewhere.