Are There Things God Can’t Do?


I have a question regarding the Omnipotent Paradox. This is a classic tool used by Atheists. Can God create a stone that is so heavy He cannot lift it, and yet call Himself omnipotent? If He can, then He cannot lift the stone thus He is not omnipotent. If He cannot, then He is not omnipotent. This is one of the last arguments I’ve faced and I really want to respond to atheists with a sound answer. Can you help?


This a trick question that has no answer. It’s only purpose is to create confusion. Creating a stone that He couldn’t lift would be impossible because He can create anything and He can lift anything. But God cannot do anything that would violate His character. That’s why He can’t make us love Him, He can’t overlook our sins, and even though He would like to, He can’t save atheists who think they’re too smart to believe in Him.