Are Things Different Now?


Over the years I’ve experienced some life disappointments, and because of this my mind has been plagued with doubts. So, I’ve been searching the New Testament to try to see what I need to do for the Lord to make Himself real to me. I have a Jewish Christian friend who feels convinced that the Jewish Law is to be obeyed for Sanctification and Maturing.

I realize the Apostles specified to gentiles of their day, only the most basic moral and health guidelines to follow. St. Paul also admonished Jews not to mingle obedience to the law with Salvation. It might have been reasonable to expect less of gentiles of that time, because of circumstances, and to simplify matters for them and the Jews. Also, it would have been impossible at that time for gentiles to practice the law, because of various circumstances. Is it possible that conditions being different now, Christ might want gentile Christians to practice the Jewish Law?


For your view to be correct, the Bible would have to contain outdated information, and that means either God wasn’t able to foresee the future or that He neglected to write an updated version. It also means that there couldn’t be any mature believers today who don’t keep the Law. Paul asked the Galatians, “Did you receive the Spirit by keeping the Law or by believing what you heard?” (Gal. 3:2)

While the key word for the Old Testament was obedience, the key word for the New Testament is faith. But one thing is clear in both. God said, “You will find Me when you seek me with all your heart.” If you want God to be real to you then start believing that He is real and apply Romans 12:1-2 in your life. Not in a mindless obedience to the Jewish Law but in an unwavering faith that if you surrender your life to Him God will work everything together for your good. (Romans 8:28)