Are Those Who Have Died Still Aware?


You’ve written that the story of Lazarus and the rich man (Luke16:19-31) is the clearest teaching we have on the after life. So, can we assume from this teaching that those that have passed away during the church age are completely aware of what has happened? And of everything, everyone and every situation they have left behind at the moment of their death? It appears that both Lazarus and the rich man were well aware of these things.


Yes I think that’s a reasonable assumption, although Church age believers who have died are in a far better place than the Rich man and Lazarus. They’re in Heaven with the Lord. I think they view things on Earth in a detached non-personal way so as not to be preoccupied by it. Earth is a dark and dreary place from their perspective. They also have the advantage of knowing how everything will turn out and a complete understanding as to why it has to be that way.