Am I Falling Away?


Thank you for your devotion to the saints! My lastest question has to do with our(my wife & me) attendance at church. We have been having trouble with finding a church in our area that preaches sound doctrine. So many churches have gone over to the emergent/purpose-driven camp, and we cannot sit there, or serve in an apostate church, so we’ve been meeting in our home.

My parents tell me that I’m falling away from the faith, but I study and pray every day, throughout much of the day (I’m a disabled vet). They attend what we believe to be one of those churches mentioned above (amillennial). I’ve asked them why they attend that church, and they said, “for the fellowship”. They don’t mind that the church leadership doesn’t preach sound, Biblical doctrine.

My thoughts are on God’s word, His love for me, and seek His will for my life continually. They want me to go to any church, because of Hebrews 10:25, but I believe it is our responsibility to attend the right church. What thoughts could I convey to my parents, so they would understand? Thanks!


I don’t think you can expect them to understand because I don’t think the real issue with your parents is what church you attend. The real issue is wanting you to help them avoid making a decision about the church they attend by agreeing that any church is better than none.

Hebrews 10:25 is an exhortation to associate with like minded people for the spiritual strength and support it can provide. If you’re spending your time anticipating the Lord’s soon coming and those around you are living their lives as if nothing’s going to change, then I submit you’re not associating with like minded people and eventually they’re more likely to bring you around to their way of thinking, than you are to bring them to yours. Hold your ground and keep looking.