Are We Gaining Or Losing?


Thank you so very much for answering questions so quickly!I love your site and if I miss even one day, I feel disconnected. So I’m always reading your site!

I do have one question though: I keep reading that, in the Middle East, Christian numbers are falling. Are we losing or gaining in numbers? They say that if a country use to have 20%, they now have only 2%. Should I be concerned about this? Thank you for your insight on everything, because without you I would be back at square one!!


It’s true that numbers are declining in the Middle East. The reduction in the Christian population from 20% of the total to 2% specifically applies to Bethlehem since the Palestinians took over there. But it’s not because people there are leaving the Church, it’s because they’re leaving the area. On the other hand, by some accounts the Church is gaining a total of 175,000 new converts every day in China, India and Africa.