Are We Hedging Our Bets? Follow Up


I read your article (several times) entitled “Are We Hedging Our Bets.”  Thank you for sharing what God put on your heart.  It is something I needed to hear once again.
In the article, you said yes, according to Mark 10:21, in response to the question should we give everything to the poor and live hand to mouth.  In the article I read, the author gives a different reason for why Jesus told the rich  young ruler to sell everything.  In addition, many prominent pastors also say it is not wrong to have possessions, just that they should not have us. Although, I will say that what you wrote resonates more with my heart.
Could you explain why these pastors have this interpretation of the rich young ruler  why it is different than what you stated. This has been something that I’ve wondered about over the years.

I agree with most of what the Pastor said about the rich young ruler.  He was far too attached to his money to risk giving it up even if it meant he would miss out on eternal life.

What he and the person who questioned  me about living hand to mouth  (and many others) have in common is that they don’t understand the concept of living by faith. God is not a stingy provider.  After all He promised us an abundant life (John 10:10).  That’s hardly living hand to mouth.

One point of the article was to show that with Him the more we give away the more we’ll end up with.  This is a lesson we can only learn from experience.  When we do we realize we don’t need to have anything stored up because as long as we keep giving we know there’s always more coming our way. His provision is a never ending stream.