Are We Holding Up The Rapture?


Is it possible that all of us praying Christians are “holding up” the rapture? I don’t know any born-again believers who aren’t praying for someone. As much as I want out of here, I’m praying it isn’t until my family comes into the kingdom as I’m sure everyone else is praying also. After all Abraham bargained with God for Lot.


I think it’s just the opposite. If more Christians would pray their friends and family into the Kingdom the rapture would come much sooner. But I don’t think we should pray that the Lord would delay the rapture until they come. We should pray that the Holy Spirit would convict our loved ones to hurry up and get with the program before it’s too late.

Abraham’s negotiations with the Lord didn’t delay the judgment on Sodom, but it did confirm that God was justified in His actions. He sent the 2 angels to hustle Lot out of town because the judgment was coming.