Are We Supposed To Just Get By?


By your understanding of God’s Word, is just getting by the way God wants you to live? By that standard then, God’s blessing of Job with more material things after his ordeal was not a blessing but a curse. Same with Abraham and Jacob and Boaz and David et., etc. And Gods word to Aaron that he was free to loot his victims of their gold and silver in a number of cases, why would He encourage taking these items? And is it not wise to have savings for an emergency? If so, how much or how little is the correct amount?


You’re missing the point. Remember, the Lord promised you an abundant life (John 10:10). Giving away your excess shows you believe Him. The more generous you are with others the more generous He will be with you (Luke 6:38). You don’t have to store up any excess because you know he will send you more. Like Job, you’ll have more at the end than you did in the beginning.

These biblical men you mention were doing God’s bidding and if He used His enemies’ money to compensate them, that’s His prerogative. After all the money is really His, not theirs and He can give it to anyone He wants to.

The Lord doesn’t want us to make decisions such as always saving a certain amount for emergencies or never doing so. He wants us to be intimately in communication with Him so that we will sense His guidance in every single situation. Our default should always be toward giving instead of hoarding. The Lord knows what you need before you need it and has promised to supply all your needs (Phil 4:19)? You still have people’s perspective on these things. Ask the Lord to give you His perspective.