Are We The Only Exception?


I attend a Baptist church although I was raised Nazarene. The one area I disagree with Baptists is on the issue of once saved always saved. I believe once we have accepted Jesus as our savior nothing short of one thing can take that away from us….the one thing is ourselves. Humans have the God given right of free will, if we choose to leave God and reject his gift of eternal life, despite having accepted it prior, then we are doomed to destruction as if we had never chosen to believe in the first place.

I believe this can be accomplished by simply leaving the church and living a world centered life, not following God’s direction or will for our lives, in other words living a sinful life.

What do you think?


You’re putting words in the Lord’s mouth. He never says “no one but you” He says “no one”. Check John 6:39-40 and note the word “none”. Or John 10:29 where the word is “no one”. Or Romans 8:38-39. The list goes on.

Once the Holy Spirit is sealed within you, He’s never taken back, but remains there as a deposit guaranteeing your inheritance. (Ephes. 1:13-14) You don’t make yourself stand, God does that. (2 Cor 1:21-22) You’re the sheep and He’s the Shepherd. It’s His job to keep you, not yours.

There are lots of believers who don’t attend church, and of those who do attend, most don’t follow God’s direction for their lives but live a world centered life. And who do you know who doesn’t sin every day? According to your standards there isn’t a single one of us who’s still saved. Do you really believe that?