Are We To Know The Times And Seasons?


I’m still an avid reader of your site. I’ve also noticed many other sites I visit quote you or are linked to you. Do you ever correspond with these people or do they just pick up on your teaching as we have? Do you have any control over this? These are not important questions but I was just curious.

In relationship to today’s Q &A- You referenced the fact that both Paul and the Lord said we should be aware of the season regarding His return. How do we reconcile that with Luke’s statement in Acts 1:7 that seems contradictory? Thanks again for your answers. God bless you and your family as you seek to serve Him in these last days.


A number of sites have asked for and received permission to post my articles, and I send them the feature article each week. Others just do it on their own. As long as they don’t edit the articles or take things out of context, I’m just happy to get the word out.

In Acts 1:7 Jesus was responding to a question from the disciples about restoring the kingdom to Israel. Although He knew the Jews would continue in their rejection of Him as their king, I believe His offer was still on the table and that’s why he gave them such an answer. (It’s almost like He was saying, “None of your business.”) Therefore I think he was responding to their specific question about Israel and not stating a general principle. Otherwise He would be contradicting both His former statements and Paul’s later one.