Are We Worshiping An Idol?


Do you believe that there are such things that God does not want us to have in our homes? and is there anything in the bible on this? The reason i ask is my husband loves lego and i know he would really like the lego model of the Taj Mahal, however because it is a Muslim temple we are not sure whether this is something that we should have in our home?


God doesn’t want you to have any idols in your home. Idols are physical representations of gods that people worship. Paul said that the idols themselves are harmless, it’s the demons behind them that are the problem. (1 Cor. 10:19-20) That’s because worshiping an idol is really demon worship.

But idols are only idols because we use them in worship. Toys are just toys. Unless you plan to worship your Lego model, or use it to help you worship a false god, you have nothing to worry about.