As It Was In The Days Of Noah


I have always thought that Matt 24:37 referred to the period of time just before the Rapture, that things will be pretty much business as usual then we are raptured out of here. From what I understand from your teaching you believe it refers to the time just before the second coming not before the Rapture. It doesn’t seem to me that things will appear “normal” to people at the end of the tribulation but they could be that way before the Rapture, like now for instance. If what you are suggesting is accurate it messes up a lot of Rapture timing theory don’t you think”? Did I get something out of context here?


The key to understanding Matt. 24 lies in following the references to time. Matt. 24:15-21 says the Great Tribulation will begin with the Abomination of Desolation. Matt. 24:29 says it will end when the Sun and Moon no longer shine and the stars fall from the sky. Matt. 24:30 says after that the sign of the Son of Man will appear in the sky, and then describes the Lord’s visible appearance. Matt. 24:36 says no one knows about that day or hour, referring to the day and hour of the Lord’s return.

Matt. 24:37 follows, but does not say things will be “normal” on Earth at the 2nd Coming. What it says is that most people will have been living their lives without a clue that the world was about to end, just like they were at the time of the flood.

Reading these verses in the context of the 2nd Coming, as is clearly intended, gives strong support to the pre-trib rapture view.