Ascension Day Rapture?


I have some thoughts on the possibility of an Ascension Day rapture. It seems that if the Lord wanted to send a strong message to the Jews and the rest of the unbelievers, as to Who did this (the rapture) and what happened to all the Christians/children, etc., that he would take us out on Ascension day. It would be like handing the whole world a tract. The Ascension also makes more sense than connecting the rapture to a Jewish Feast day because it shows the separate handling of the church and Israel. If the full number were already on board, this would be a good date because of the clear witness that it would leave to those left behind. Do you think this is a possibility?


From our earthly perspective Ascension Day sounds like a great idea. Let’s hope you’re right.

In 2 Thes. 2:9-12 Paul wrote that after the Church is gone, Satan will empower the anti-Christ to perform amazing counterfeit miracles that will deceive nearly everyone. At the same time, God will send a powerful delusion on Earth so that those who refused to believe the truth will be led to believe Satan’s lies. Rev. 13:3-4 says that the whole world will be astonished and follow the anti-Christ, and many will worship Satan.

I think the rapture will only persuade those few who learned enough about end times prophecy from family and friends to realize where the Church has gone, and that they’ve been left behind.