Asking For Help


In one of your commentaries on the Psalms you wrote this about the Jews: “Much of this will come from the realization that God will have just intervened in a battle where they were on the brink of defeat and given them a resounding victory.” My first question is : could this statement become a truth, a reality in a Christian believer’s life too? I mean, when we face seemingly insolvable problems, troubles and hardships. And what can we do? Only asking the Lord to intervene in the mentioned way is enough or there are conditions?


In the Psalm commentary, I was referring to the Lord’s intervention in the Battle of Ezekiel 38. The Jewish people won’t have asked Him for help. He’ll intervene to make them aware of His presence.

God has intervened on my behalf on many occasions. Sometimes it has been after I asked, and other times He has just stepped in on His own. I know that He has kept me from serious injury several times, without me even asking. It’s one of the many benefits of being in a relationship with Him. If you wonder whether He’s ever stepped in to help you, ask Him to reveal some examples of when He has. You’ll be surprised. And of course, every believer has the right to ask for God’s help, and to expect a response, any time the need arises. We are His children after all.