Where Are The Assyrians?


I have a question that has been troubling me and maybe your vast knowledge of scripture can answer it. I know what an important part the reformation of Israel is to the nearness of the end. But in Isaiah 19:23-25 we are given a picture of what seems to be a close relationship between Egypt, Assyria and Israel. Where is this Assyria and shouldn’t we be seeing some sign of its reappearing? Is it the Kurdish people who are declaring a home land that closely resembles ancient Assyria?


The Assyrians are currently a stateless people, living in a region that is composed of northern Iraq, north western Iran, eastern Syria and south eastern Turkey. They number in excess of 4 million, and are neither Arab nor Kurdish (who are the ancient Medes) nor Muslim. The Assyrians are a Christian people with their own unique language (Aramaic), culture and heritage. They are one of the three nations in the Millennium that are mentioned by name (Isaiah 19:23-25). The other two are Israel and Egypt.