Babylon Rebuilt


Could you explain or elaborate on the following quote found in your year end review. “One of the shocks of the gulf war I was the discovery of Babylon standing there on the banks of the Euphrates again.” What does this mean?


It means that after having spent the better part of a generation saying the prophecies about Babylon had been fulfilled, some of the most highly respected prophecy scholars in the USA were forced to back track upon discovering that Saddam Hussein had spent millions of dollars restoring the ruins of ancient Babylon into a ceremonial city. The Ishtar gate was rebuilt, as was the King’s palace and the banquet hall where Daniel read the handwriting on the wall. Saddam had offered $1 million to any Iraqi who could figure out how the hanging gardens were watered so he could restore them. Most of the outside world knew nothing about this until Air Force recon photos showed it to them.