Bad Behavior


2nd Timothy 3 talks about peoples behavior in the last days When addressing these behaviors and the “last days” in particular do you believe the time frame is the present time we are living in, or during the 7 year tribulation period?


Since Timothy was cautioned to avoid people like that, it’s clear that the behavior described in 2 Tim 3:1-5 was already in evidence when Paul wrote to him, and it’s gotten progressively worse with time. After the true Church is gone it will achieve its absolute worst. That said, I believe it’s appropriate to apply this passage to our time.

Even though this behavior is the opposite of that which Christians are admonished to adopt, Timothy is being told that he’ll find it within the Church as well as without. Indeed there have always been those who have displayed a form of Godliness by attending church and such but have denied its power. Behavior like this is a clear sign that little or no regeneration has taken place in the people exhibiting it.