Baptists And Pentecostals


My 21 yr old son was raised Baptist but now has recently been going to a Pentecostal church. This makes me a little uneasy because I believe that they believe things that are not quite right such as believing that you can lose your salvation. Baptists believe that “once saved always saved”. Now I realize that denominations are a man made thing and that you can certainly be saved and not be Baptist. Am I right in my uneasiness or wrong?


In general, Baptists believe in OSAS but that God chooses some to be saved and others not. Pentecostals believe that we choose to be saved, but can lose it, and once we do we can never get it back. Both groups are half right. We choose to be saved and once we do we are always saved.

You’re right, denominations are a man-made thing. The True Church is that body of believers from every denomination and no denomination who have sincerely given their hearts to the Lord. Your son is fine in the Pentecostal movement as long as he never does anything that they think will cause him to lose his salvation, because if he does they may reject him just when he needs their support the most.