Becoming Unable To Defend Israel


I was just reading a very comprehensive newspaper article regarding the U.S.’s inextricable link economically and politically with China. I have read where you have thought that possibly the United States could be made inert militarily so as not to be able to support Israel against Iran, Iraq, and Syria as per Psalm 83/Isaiah 17 battles. Do you think that our monetary indebtedness and our political union with China could have the same affect (to be made powerless) regardless of our military powers in our failure of aligning ourselves in defense of Israel against their enemies?


There are several ways in which the US could become unable to fulfill its promise to defend Israel. One is political, where we voluntarily sideline ourselves as a matter of public policy. Another is economic, where we wouldn’t be able to bear the cost of coming to Israel’s defense. Then you have some form of blackmail, where we receive a credible threat of such severe military retaliation that it would become too painful, or where we’re told that interfering would cause our creditors to force us into bankruptcy. (A country like China could pull this off.) Then there’s the possibility of a pre-emptive strike, that would render us incapable of intervening. For example, one or two well placed nuclear detonations in our atmosphere could disable all of our civilian and military computer capability with devastating effect. Finally we could lose the manpower to respond, such as might be the case if the Rapture had just occurred.

Our hold on world leadership is very tenuous, and with each passing day every one of these possibilities becomes more likely.