Beginning Of The Fall?


I just watched our president try to explain why we are in this financial mess and then say the government is ready to bail us out. $700 billion that’s with a B, is what their talking… How do you see this fitting into bible prophecy? I know that the writing was on the wall but what can we as Christians do in a time like this? I know we are not to worry because Christ Himself told us not to. Is this the beginning of the fall of this country and can this be the open door to the U.S. relying on the EU for sustenance?


It’s now anybody’s guess as to how this will turn out. Many economists are saying that letting the stock market adjust by 5000 points or so is the best thing that could happen for our long term financial security. Banks would go broke and lots of people would lose their money in the meantime so I don’t think election year politics would permit such a thing. More likely we’ll get some band aid solution to get us through the election and defer our day of reckoning until later.