Believing without Seeing


The more I know, the more I learn, the more I confirm through knowledge that God exists and the Bible is true. Does this lessen my faith? Christ said to Thomas that those who believe but haven’t seen will be blessed. My question is by gaining more information about this world, like the discovery of the Ark, the evidence of Intelligent Design, end times, does this lessen my faith?


Jesus was speaking of himself to Thomas (John 20:24-29). Thomas knew the Lord personally, witnessed the miracles He performed, saw Him after the resurrection and felt the scars on His body. No one among us can experience that. The signs we see cannot compare to his and serve to strengthen our faith, not substitute for it.

Also, I think the Lord’s words to Thomas were probably more a criticism of his refusal to believe the eyewitness accounts of the other disciples than anything else. Mark 9:31-32 tells us none of them understood that the Lord was really going to suffer and die and then be raised to life again until after it happened.