Besetting Sin Or Practicing Sin?


If one has a bad habit (tobacco) and has the habit from before they are saved to while they are saved, it is a besetting sin or is it practicing Sin? Regardless, I’m OSAS since day one and more secure with the help of your answers to questions in the past. I love God’s Word and love telling people about the Lord when I get the chance and look forward to His return, my conscience is sharp when I know I’ve hurt someone or done wrong. It sometimes feels as if I’m not changing much though. How can I tell that God is still making me holy (sanctified)?


If a person truly wants to stop doing something and has prayed for the power, but can’t stop for very long, it’s a besetting sin. If they enjoy it and don’t really want to stop, it’s a practicing sin. Either way, the inability or unwillingness to stop will not endanger a person’s salvation. And even though it’s a nasty habit with potentially serious health consequences, there’s some doubt as to whether smoking is a sin or not. Personally, I don’t think it is.

Sanctification is an ongoing process that will only be complete in the Rapture/Resurrection. You can tell it’s working if you’re growing closer to God in your heart.