Bible Versions


I have been reading opinions on what Bible to use for reading and studying. One teacher I very much think is a true scholar of the Word says he only uses the authorized version of the King James or the New Scofield Reference Bible.

I have a difficulty using both these Bibles as I have difficulty understanding what they are saying. Could you please give me your advise about what translation would be best to use?


Every English translation has accuracy problems, some worse than others. The main advantage with the King James is that it’s been around so long that we know where its problems are.

One way to solve your problem is to get something called a Parallel Bible. These have several translations side by side. There are various combination’s of translations you can choose from , but be sure one of them is the King James, and try to avoid the so-called para-phrases, like the Message and the Living Bible. (For the New Testament, the NASB is the most literal translation of the original Greek.)

Then you can read a passage and see how each translation treats it. This will help you avoid translation errors and help you understand the King James better at the same time.