Where Are We In The Bible?


I have been an avid reader of your blog and books for many years – Thank you for the great amount of learning that you have provided to all of us. Today at my weekly church service I was listening to my pastor talk about the wonderful story of grace that the bible explains, and then he asked a question that made me really think. He asked the congregation, “Where are we currently in the wonderful story of the bible?” He then opened the bible to the page that was just between Jude and Revelation. Do you think is this correct? Are we just in the before or just into the beginning of Revelation?


I believe Rev.2-3 is an overview of the Church Age, Rev. 4-5 describe the rapture of the Church, Rev. 6-19 detail the 70th Week of Daniel, and Rev. 20-22 are about the millennium. Therefore I would say we’re nearing the end of Rev. 2-3. The evangelical church (represented by the letter to Philadelphia) is steadily being overtaken by the apostate “emerging” church (the letter to Laodicea) indicating the rapture will soon take place.