Biblical Discipline Covenant


Is it scriptural for a pastor to keep someone from participating in the Lord’s Supper because of their behavior or sins?

Also, when someone goes through biblical discipline in my church, and then leaves, the pastor speaks to the person’s new pastor about their previous behavior and sins.  This is a covenant in my church, and I cannot find these things in the bible. I am bothered by them.


In my opinion there is no Biblical basis for excluding a born again believer from communion. Communion is our opportunity to seek the Lord’s forgiveness for our sins and be brought back into fellowship with Him. A person’s worthiness to receive communion is between the person and the Lord (1 Cor. 11:27-32).

As for “telling on” believers who are under discipline, it seems to me like your congregation’s Biblical Discipline Covenant goes beyond the Bible’s intent. A pastor’s authority extends only to the members of His congregation. Once a person leaves, his or her behavior is no longer the pastor’s concern.