Biblical Discipline Covenant


Is it scriptural when in biblical discipline, for the elders/pastor to disallow a person to participate in the Lords Supper? Also, when going thru biblical discipline, and the sinner goes to another church, is it scriptural for the elders/pastor to go to the other church and speak to the new pastor about this person’s behavior? This is a covenant in my church, and I cannot find these things in the bible. I am bothered by them.


In my opinion there is no Biblical basis for excluding a born again believer from communion. Communion is our opportunity to seek the Lord’s forgiveness for our sins and be brought back into fellowship with Him. A person’s worthiness to receive communion is between the person and the Lord (1 Cor. 11:27-32).

As for “telling on” believers who are under discipline, it seems to me like your congregation’s Biblical Discipline Covenant goes beyond the Bible’s intent. A pastor’s authority extends only to the members of His congregation. Once a person leaves, his or her behavior is no longer the pastor’s concern.