Birth Pangs And Judgments


In your article “2012…End of the World?” you stated, “Earth’s land mass has been pushed apart to form the current continents and islands, the Earth’s orbit has been extended by 5 1/4 days, and its axis tilted by 23.44 degrees. All this and more will have to be fixed in order for Earth to once again be the paradise it was created to be.” A journalist on a secular news video stated today that the earthquake in Chile, “moved so much mass on the planet that government scientists estimate it moved the earth off it’s axis by about three inches; shortened the day by a few millionths of a second; and raised the ground level of one island by six feet.”

I understand that earthquakes like these are part of the “birth pangs”, but do you also see this as God restoring the planet to its original form? Or do you see this happening more during Daniel’s 70th week and the Great Tribulation judgments?


I can’t prove this from the Bible, but it’s my belief that the End Times judgments, beginning in a small way with the so-called birth pangs, will serve a dual purpose. In addition to being the means of punishment for the unbelieving world they will also be preparing Earth for its restoration to the way it was when Adam was created. I believe that’s why the return of the Lord is sometimes called the renewal (regeneration, restoration, restitution)) of all things, as in Matt. 19:28 and Acts 3:21.