B’nai Noach


Could you explain the “b’nai noach” to us ? I have had people ask me about this, wondering if it is a cult.


B’nai Noach is Hebrew for Sons (descendants) of Noah. All Jews agree that Gentiles are not obligated to follow Jewish Law and customs. Instead, their tradition holds that Gentiles were given seven laws to observe. These laws came from God through Noah for his descendants and are the commandments for Gentiles, or sons of Noah. These laws say,

Do not murder.
Do not steal.
Do not worship false gods.
Do not be sexually immoral
Do not eat anything of the body of an unslaughtered animal
Do not blaspheme.
Set up righteous and honest courts and apply fair justice in judging offenders.

There are communities of B’nai Noach followers around the world who by keeping these seven laws endeavor to become “righteous Gentiles” as an alternative to converting to Judaism.