Body And Spirit


Job 14:12, Dan. 12:13, John 3:13, 5:28 and some others seem to indicate we are asleep until awakened at the resurrection. How do you understand these scriptures? True the bible says absent from the body present with the lord, but when? When we awake at his calling. John 3:13 says no one has ever gone into heaven except the one who came from heaven etc.


Before the cross the spirits of believers went to a place called Sheol or Paradise, to await the Lord’s atoning death. After the resurrection, He took them to heaven. In John 3:13 He could say no one had ever gone to heaven, because at that time it was true. He hadn’t been sacrificed for their sins yet.

Since the cross, when believers die our spirits go immediately to be with the Lord, (2 Cor. 5:8) and our bodies go into the ground. At the Resurrection our bodies are made new and our spirits inhabit them again. Job 14, Daniel 12 and John 5 all refer to the resurrection of the body.

Remember the part of us that’s really us and is eternal is our spirit. Our earthly body is just the place where our spirit lives while on Earth. When it wears out it’s discarded. The Resurrection body we get will be eternal just like our spirit.