Bogged Down By Dates


I just read your article The Terminal Generation, and while I agree it makes sense, I still get bogged down going down the dates route. Didn’t Christ say that not even he knew the day or hour of his return ?


In Matt. 24:36 Jesus told His disciples that not even He knew about the day and hour of His return. But in Rev 1:1 John wrote that God revealed these things to Him to show His servants what must soon take place. I believe this happened after the Lord’s ascension to the right hand of the Father.

And Paul wrote that events leading up to the time of the 2nd Coming should not take us by surprise because we are children of the light (1 Thes. 5:4-5). The light he was referring to is God’s word, which means there have to be clues in the Bible that can alert us to the approaching time. The purpose of my article was to review some of these clues.