Born Again Catholics?


I know there are some Roman Catholics who get saved according to the Biblical way, which is through Jesus Christ alone. I believe that once a Roman Catholic gets saved, they must leave the Roman Catholic Church because they can’t believe both the RCC and the Bible, and remaining in the religion condones it. And I also believe that if they don’t leave then they haven’t truly been converted. I’d like to know what your opinion on that is.


I believe the Lord’s Letter to the Church in Thyatira is meant to symbolize the Catholic Church. I see parallels in the Lord’s title as Son of God (not Mary), His reference to Jezebel (she convinced Ahab to conduct the first inquisition in 1 Kings 21) and the similarities to the woman called the Harlot in Rev. 17 that lead me to this conclusion.

In Rev. 3:24 the Lord says there are some in Thyatira who don’t follow the woman’s teachings and He would not impose any other burden on them. He went on to call them overcomers, saying they would rule with Him. To me this means they’re saved, even though they’re still in Thyatira.

From this I conclude there are born again believers in the Catholic church who will be taken in the rapture, leaving their counterparts who have immersed themselves in the non-Biblical Catholic tradition behind.