Born Out Of Rape, Follow Up


Re: Born Out Of Rape. I understand that we are born in this sinful world but I want to know is did God know in advance that my friend was going to be born this way since He is all knowing? Further more, I grew up believing that children are coming from God, then if that is true then I would assume that even our parents were predestined by God to be our parents, so now I want to know if God also chose my friend to be born out of rape?


Only Adam and Eve are direct creations of God. When He said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply” (Genesis 1:28) He was delegating the procreation process to them and their descendants. Since then all children have been born as a result of human action, although God knows each child from the moment of conception (Psalm 139:13). Being omniscient, God knew the circumstances of your friend’s birth before it happened, but He didn’t choose for her to be born this way. To have done so would have meant condoning the act that led to her birth, and that’s something God could never do.