Born Without A Sin Nature


I was never ‘taught’, but assumed that our Heavenly Father placed the Seed of Christ in one of Marys natural eggs, making him part God, part human. But after considering it, I think he placed both in Mary and she bore the Child. Mary’s eggs would have had the first Adam’s DNA and sin nature. Jesus wasn’t born with any sin and never committed one. I am curious what you think because of all of your insightful responses.


I don’t believe the mother’s blood ever mixes with her baby’s and I’ve received medical opinions that support this. And to me, Exodus 20:5 gives us a hint that the sin nature is inherited from the father, not from the mother. Therefore a child without a human father could be born without a sin nature. But in order to be a biological descendant of King David and legally qualified to occupy his throne, Jesus had to have one human parent who was also a biological descendant of David’s, and that was Mary. Put it together and you have Mary’s egg, fertilized by the Holy Spirit.